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    Navy linen floral fabric from the @thehill_side, made into a @gitmanvintage shirt and Beauty&Youth sneakers.

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    gospelofthekingdomThis is Lilly. She took @whatafox and I through the Gap of Dunloe yesterday. It was magical. (at Gap of Dunloe)

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  5. Truth

    When I step into truth, I can’t help but notice all the things that are not. Truth illuminates deception. Truth is a lamp that not only illumines what is real but simultaneously what is not. You can’t be in the same setting as truth and not come face to face with what is unreal, untrue, distorted, and deceitful. The nature of deception is that you don’t know you are being deceived, right?

    Also, this: “…know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”When hearing this, I can’t stop from asking, “sets you free” …from what exactly? Or possibly better said, what is the entity or idea that enslaves you? This passage implies that slavery inhabits a person when not enlightened by truth. The opposite of freedom, is slavery is it not? Is it possible that everything that isn’t truth in life, enslaves?

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    Boondocker in Natural Chromexcel Roughout at the Viberg Boot pop up shop.

    Might cop if my size is still there tomorrow.

    Coming tomorrow morning

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